About Us

The Center for Sexual Health & Education is the first of its kind Center for the east coast and is dedicated to improving the sexual wellness of both men and women.

Our team of healthcare professionals offers a broad variety of services, from medical examinations to individual or couples counseling, to diagnose and treat sexual dysfunction. We evaluate and treat sex related problems to enhance sexual relationships. We offer hormone replacement, including “natural approaches”, while following scientifically guided research.

Our individually tailored programs will allow women to be energized and invigorated, especially during perimenopause and menopause. We also offer individualized treatment plans for men to treat sexual dysfunction and foster a relaxed and fulfilling approach to a wonderful sex life.

We will help foster great sex and intimacy for a lifetime. We empower both men and women with the tools to discover their inner erotic self and reach the ultimate fulfillment in sexual health and wellness.

We will promote healthy life choices and offer tips to reduce the daily stresses of life.
We will recognize and treat the physical problems in sexual dysfunction and sexual function.
We will recognize and treat the psychological and relationship barriers to healthy sexual function.
We will inspire our patients to become advocates for the health and wellness of their friends and families.
Research has shown that having a good sex life is extremely important to overall happiness for both men and women of every age.

The vast majority of women are afraid to bring up sexual concerns with their health care provider for fear of embarrassment or of being dismissed. Sexual concerns are not all in your head. Our clinic is designed to help you discuss these concerns in a relaxed and confidential manner, with caring and professional help.

We offer individual visits or couples visits, as well as access to web-based consultations.

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