Performance Problems in Men: Tips to Keeping a Firm Grip on Your Sexuality

Did you know studies show that fifty-two percent of men over 40 experience erectile difficulties?  The cause can be psychological or physical.  In 82 percent of the cases there are causes including smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.  These conditions are treatable and most are even preventable!  So why are physicians not having this discussion with their patients?

Many studies site that erectile dysfunction in a younger man may indicate need for screening for depression and underlying heart disease.  Blood flow to the penis is sensitive to minor changes and this could be the earliest indicator of vascular injury from cholesterol or sugar.

In many of our couples, the male partner prefers to blame his inability to sustain his erection on the lack of interest in the female partner.  Although this can be the case, it is often just the opposite.   The female begins to lose interest because the male cannot sustain the erection long enough for her to achieve satisfaction.  Both sides must be evaluated.

Having the same, routine intercourse can lead to a flattened arousal from both parties so adding a little spice and changing up the usual moves may intensify arousal and help sustain the erection.  There are various instructional videos and books that can assist in giving ideas to either mate.  I recommend the broad array of instructional videos available at

Now back to the organic or medical causes.  Smoking and diabetes have got to be obvious causes to most of you.  QUIT SMOKING!  I cannot think of a good reason to partake in this bad habit that damages the vasculature in the area.  If men knew that smoking when young leads to ED when a little older perhaps they would stop.  Elevated blood glucose levels are a very common cause of some of our most difficult cases.  The glucose damages the small blood vessels that nourish the nerves in the penis so it creates more permanent injury if left uncontrolled.  Very strict glucose control and following a low carbohydrate/diabetic diet can sustain performance a bit longer.

Today there are various products that improve function and performance in men including the “Viagra” type medications, pumps, injections and vibrators.  Beware of the abundance of counterfeit “Viagra” type medications that are advertised on the internet.  Some studies have shown that 80% of the products purchased on-line without a valid prescription are counterfeit and may be completely ineffective. 

In some cases, lack of success with a “Viagra” type enhancer can indicate a low testosterone level.  Some studies suggest that a normal testosterone level is required to have the best results from these medications.  Discuss this with your physician and labs may be ordered.

These are just a few things you need to know to maintain a great erection throughout a lifetime.  Have a discussion with your doctor when you see the earliest signs.  If no success, seek a sexual health expert.

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