The Male Menopause or “Andropause”: A Man’s Time in Life!

Men have a time in their lives when testosterone levels decreases dramatically.   The age, like for women, varies but it generally starts when they are over forty years of age.  It is frequently referred to as “Andropause” and it has symptoms that usually come on gradually.   Men complain of lack of sexual desire, lack of stamina, decreased ability to do sports, moodiness, depression and even a decrease in the ability to think clearly.   Andropause, like menopause, can cause osteoporosis and it can lead to a loss of muscle mass.    Like the ovaries in the woman, the man’s testicles lose the ability to make testosterone.

The diagnosis can be confirmed with blood tests to check the testosterone levels.  Other more serious causes of dropping testosterone levels must be ruled out using blood tests as well. 

The good news is that the condition can easily and safely be treated with testosterone supplementation either with a gel-applied daily or with injection every other week. 

The only contraindications to using testosterone supplementation are prostate cancer, elevated red blood cell count or untreated sleep apnea.

With the supplementation, men have less osteoporosis because they maintain their muscle mass.  They are able to move around better and are less likely to fall and fracture.

Over the years, we have been amazed at the change in the quality of life in men who have been successfully treated.   Patients see a return of their libido, energy and stamina.   They develop a sense of well-being and a sense of better focus and mental abilities.   They feel it has returned them back to the type of life they enjoyed most.  So visit your urologist or primary doctor today for this problem that is easy to diagnose and has readily available treatments.

Dr John Stripling, Urologist

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