It Might Not Be Lifting Weights – But This Rehabilitation Must Be Done after Prostate Cancer Therapy to Preserve Erections

There are a number of studies suggesting erection function is preserved using Viagra, Levitra or Cialis on a regular basis after prostate cancer is treated. The damage from the treatment whether it is surgery, radiation or freezing of the prostate can progress over many months. If the erections are not working, these medications will improve the response by opening the muscles of the penis more fully. This prevents the lost of muscle strength. It is believed that the blood supply is better maintained and the actual length of the penis will not shorten if you follow this program.

This may include Vacuum Erection Devises (VED) to be used daily to draw the blood into the penis.

In more difficult cases, injections directly into the penis are needed to create a full erection. These can be used shortly after to allow a man to be sexually active without delay.

If you hope to maintain your erections, ignoring rehabilitation after prostate cancer therapy is just not an option.

Dr. John Stripling, Urologist

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