A Little Bit of Sugar Can Wreck Your Love Life

Diabetes can affect every system in your body. Your sexual function is no exception. An elevated blood glucose with reduced insulin sensitivity is one of the more common medical problems in today’s society. With the ever increasing obesity epidemic, the problem only gets worse and begins to affect those that are younger. It is extremely important to maintain a normal blood glucose to not only preserve erectile function, but also to prevent heart attacks, kidney failure and reduced circulation to the feet.

Diabetics commonly present to us with sexual problems. The excess sugar in the blood diminishes the blood supply to the external genitalia. Poorly controlled diabetes may cause nerve damage decreasing your arousal response and your wonderful sensation to feel in the penis or vagina. There can be a decrease or a loss of your orgasms. For a man, diabetes frequently decreases the quality of the erections. His ejaculations may have less volume and his ability to have children may be impaired.

If your diabetes is poorly controlled causing you to feel bad, sexuality always suffers.

SO WHAT IS THE SOLUTION! You must be PRO ACTIVE with controlling your diabetes. You must monitor your blood sugars and the Hemoglobin A1C closely. You need to eat smart avoiding food with high sugars and fats. You must manage your weight to get it in an ideal range. You must exercise daily. If you are not successful in any aspect of these lifestyle changes, YOU MUST GET PROFESSIONAL HELP.

In Sexual Medicine, we have found a number of treatments slow or stop the sexual complication of diabetes. We have solutions! IT IS TOO IMPORTANT TO IGNORE!

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