Can Triathlons Lead to a Happier Sex Life?

Although it may not sound so, swimming, cycling and running have a lot to do with great sex.

You have certainly heard claims that exercise can cure everything from high blood pressure to low bone mass and from higher insulin levels to premenstrual issues. For every issue there is a recommended exercise that will help these problems to a significant degree.

Exercise can improve your sexual functioning by improving blood flow to the critical areas of sensation and by improving flexibility. It will provide you the energy to stay awake for the intimate encounter when tired from a long day at work. The exercise changes your shape and promotes a good feeling about your body, often by losing weight.

Having a concrete and achievable goal can help you to stick with any exercise program. Add together your need for something different in your work out and you’ll find a triathlon staring back at you.

I know that just hearing the word triathlon can scare most people with visions of cruise-distance swimming, cycling across the country and running a marathon! The good news is triathlons come in all sizes and there is certainly on that is just right for you. It was for me, too.

Eight years ago, feeling like I was in a rut with my exercise and seeing age 40 in the near future, I decided to do something I’d never thought of before. I actually trained and competed in a triathlon. I lost weight, I felt better about myself and, as for good sex, well, my husband keeps smiling and so do I.

I regularly compete in triathlons and enjoy the results, not to mention the process by which I train. There is tremendous satisfaction in finishing the race. I am so convinced of the benefits of triathlon that three years ago I started a group called Tri It for Life ( to motivate other women of all shapes and sizes to gain the same benefits I did. Our mission is to inspire women to move, but not just physically. I have seen them move from self-doubt to self confidence, from couch potatoes to active, happy women.

Triathlons and exercise can change your life and lead to an improved relationship with your partner. When you feel good about yourself, you are more likely allowing yourself to enjoy other pleasures in life, including your sex life! So get up off the couch and get into the pool, on the bike and on the road. Try IT!

Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones

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